-SymbianOS SDK for GNU/Linux


What is GnuPoc?

GnuPoc makes it possible to develop EPOC applications on your GNU/Linux machine. It is using GNU make, Wine and GCC crosscompiler for ARM. Because of the EPOC SDK license we are not allowed to redistribute it, but you can apply the diff if you already have the SDK. The aim of this project is to make a complete EPOC SDK for Linux, any architecture, with full debugging and which is released under GPL.

News: WIKI is here now :-) (30. Jan 2005)


NOTE! Before downloading all necessary components, you might try the experimental gnupoc_install script which is part of the gnupoc-utils package. This script downloads an UIQ SDK from the SonyEricsson website and the matching gnupoc patch, installs the complete SDK and applies the patch all in one go with no user interaction required. Given a reasonable fast network connection and machine, the whole process should take less than 15 minutes!

NOTE! If your are looking for GnuPoc patches for Symbian 8.x and 9.x, see



The gcc cross compiler with ARM/Thumb target for GNU/Linux, needed for Symbian OS ER6 and beyond SDKs like Nokia 9210, Series 60 and SonyEricsson P800.


Common gnupoc utilities

Debian packages

Some binares are available as Debian packages. The ultimate goal is to put all necessary software in Debian packages installable by apt-get install gnupoc but we are now there yet... In the meantime, try to add this:


	deb sid main
	deb-src sid main

and then do:

	$ apt-get update
	$ apt-get install gnupoc-utils makesis bmconv petran rcomp

Mirror sites

GnuPoc is hosted on Sourceforge, the project site is here


GnuPoc in the media

Happy users

External links:


Screen shots - click on the image to see it in larger format.

Sony Ericsson P800 (UIQ/ER7.0)

The emulator running under WINE with UIQ skin
The emulator running under WINE with P800 skin

EPOC Release 5

EPOC Release 5 Emulator running Eshell.exe. There is some problems with the character set where lowercase letters are displayed as garbage. Maybe a WINE config problem? Same with Eshell for ER6.

Crystal ER5

Takes ages to start. We get to the Extra dialog but thats it. Anyone else managed to get any further? Invoked with ''

Quartz ER6

Boots OK the first time, and complains about 'Unexpected end of file.' After that it cannot be started again...

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